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The process of preparing a vinyl project can sometimes be extensive and complicated. It is totally normal to have questions and we try to cover the most common and frequent ones on this page. 

1. What is the turnaround time for a vinyl order?

The demand and the production capacity for vinyl records will always have an impact on production times and at the moment the demand is very high.

Once you submit an order, send us all of the production materials (audio and artwork) and the payment has been received, we can proceed with the project.
As a rough estimation, it will take between 8 to 16 weeks for the Test Pressings. Once the Test Pressings are approved, we can move on with the finalization of the production. The overall production depends of the specifications of each project which it can take between 20 to 32 weeks in total from the time of the order confirmation.

It’s important to note that this time frame is an estimation. The manufacturing of vinyl records consists of many steps, different vendors and is a very complex and delicate process and in some instances there can be delays. Our intention off course is to deliver you the records in the fastest possible way. However, our main priority is to deliver you a high quality product and we will not jeopardize the quality over the turnaround time.

2. How much audio can I fit per side?

The volume on a vinyl record is inversely proportional to the total time per side. The longer the length, the lower the overall volume. These are the recommended times per side to be within the ideal range for best sound quality potential. Keep in mind that mastering quality will have an impact on the results.

Optimal & Maximum times per side range based on a NORMAL CUT on lacquer:

length per side

*Very long times per side are not recommended and inevitably have consequences on the sound.  One or several of these undesired effects can result from long times per side. A significant drop in overall volume, risk of distortion and higher surface noise etc.


3. How should I prepare my audio for vinyl cutting/pressing?

Mastering is one of the most important aspects to achieve good results. We strongly recommend that the audio should be mastered by an experienced vinyl mastering engineer. The mastering for analog differs from the mastering for digital, and these differences will have a significant impact on the outcome.

We do not take responsibility for your own mastering. If you are not sure about the quality of your own mastering, let us perform a pre-mastering check. 

If you are looking for mastering services, we can offer a very high quality analog and hybrid mastering service to get the best out of your music.

Please contact us at and we will gladly support you with the mastering services.

4. What file specifications do you require for vinyl?

The audio files should be submitted as individual tracks in a WAV 24bit format with 44.1kHz or above sampling rate.

5. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for 12″ black or color records is 100 units.
For splatter, split color or other customized orders, minimum amount is 300 units.
Picture Discs (upon request) have a minimum of 500 units and are always pressed on a 180gr vinyl record.

6. Do you ship internationally outside the EU?

Yes we do! So far, outside of EU, we have supported customers in Norway, UK, US, Israel and Australia.

We are more than happy to support you if you are located in a different region as well. Please contact us for shipping rates and ensure to provide us the full address so we can check the shipping rate.

7. Do I have to pay VAT?

No, you don’t! If you are registered as a company with an EU Tax ID, you do not have to pay VAT anyway.
Private clients who cannot have this EU Tax ID, can also get records from us without having to pay VAT!

Mind The Wax is registered as a startup in a Polish foundation and we are eligible to sell also to private clients inside EU without VAT as well! 

8. Will the vinyl sound exactly the same as the master files?

Yes and no. A vinyl record as it is an analog format has its particularities and physical limits compared to a digital file. Many factors will affect the result e.g. the length of the sides, the mastering, the music genre and the mastercut type (Lacquer vs. DMM). 

You should not expect an identical result while comparing the vinyl to the digital master files but rather a warmer and unique sound experience when using audio that is within the ideal tolerances. The PVC material differences between black and color vinyl should also be considered to have a slight impact on the sound quality of a final pressing. Colored vinyl can have a very slight effect on the surface noise noticed. 

8. Will I receive the exact amount of records that I will order?

On vinyl production there is a +/-10% production tolerance of the amount of records that have been ordered. As the manufacturing process is not simple, some records might not pass the final quality check and we aim to provide you only the perfect ones.

Overs for all printed material (jackets, inserts, printed inners, etc) works the same way.

If you receive less records than you ordered, at then end you will be charged less or credited back. If you receive more records than you ordered, you pay for the over production. At the end, you are paying for the exact amount of the records you receive.

9. Is Mind The Wax a Vinyl Pressing Plant or a broker?

Mind The Wax is providing vinyl pressing services. We cooperate with various experienced partners for the mastercuts, the galvanics, the printing materials, the vinyl pressing and the shipping. This way we can provide you with the highest quality on all these parts of the production and in a competitive price in the market.
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